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Are you considering a spokes character for a nameless brand or younger audience? I represent a large force of out-of-work spokes characters that want to work for you. There's no limit to my imagination. Also, anything I draw can be digitized and animated. If a spokes character seems right for your audience, allow me to illustrate, digitize and animate one for you today! Contact me at 303-699-1587 or .

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©2009 One on One Parenting, LLC. "Willa" character name and likeness, ©One on One Parenting, LLC. All rights reserved.

robot sketch and final draft

robot head comp

"Gunn Bunni" head comp

These two illos represent two different systems of visemes that get matched with phonemes for animating lip-synching. I believe Walt Disney had close to 40 different visemes mapped out early on. Systems with 9-10 visemes work best in projects that are close to 24-30 frames per second (full motion). Systems with 7 visemes work best in projects (usually web) around 12-15 fps.

"Sam Sexi" turnaround sketch and final

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Sometimes I'll go through the effort of fully rendering a character before I start constructing the animation parts. It gives me an idea how pretty the marketing will be if I use the character in a different medium... say print and web animation. To the left is the fully rendered with black outlines, in the center is the character turnaround, and on the right is the animation parts breakdown. Each individual color represents a different piece that gets animated. I'm sure you noticed that the hair has two moving parts that get animated along with boot-laces and gun holster... Lot of moving parts, huh.

By the way, if you're a Flash animator and not using Adobe Illustrator for your finished animation lines, you are missing out on fantastic line quality control. Additionally, with Adobe Flash's Illustrator Import Preferences you'll lose nothing in the process, AND maintain your layers.

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